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i'm an artist who finds the invisibility bestowed by middle age an unexpected bonus – my "curiously liberating cloak"...

and thus freed, i no longer feel compelled to put on perfect mascara or an "outfit" before venturing forth into the world. these days, i can usually dress as i please, wear comfy/dorky shoes, and happily hum along with the music (external or internal) as i wander through my daily life. why? because no one takes much notice of me anymore, a woman of this certain (invisible) age.

so now, there's more time for the art part of life. for me, the addiction and thrill of artmaking is much more about the creative process than the final product. so far, i've been a giver but rarely a seller of my art. i have bins and boxes full of quilted collage bags, knitted scarves, mixed media canvases, unworn necklaces and even handmade lampwork beads that have not found uses yet. my craving to create something new always overshadows the need to find a home for my finished creations.

when i’m not making stuff, my days are filled with the joys and concerns of family, including my patient husband, and our two sons and daughter who are grown and mostly gone from the nest. our home is also my creative workspace, where our sweet but nervous dog follows me around all day, while our two cats keep an eye on everything.

we live at the edge of the arizona desert foothills, where we’re blessed with an abundance of hungry hummingbirds and singing squirrels by day, and the howls of coyotes and dark skies full of stars at night.


i love making stuff. sometimes this includes quilted pillows, fabric collage bags, mixed media artwork & jewelry, knitting & crocheting. i also love watching, feeding and trying to photograph the birds that visit our yard.